Are you a parent or individual looking for a safe, gentle form of medicine that is also effective in addressing your and your family’s health concerns?

“I contacted Canteris after we moved from South Africa to BC, and everyone (including myself), were stressed out and out-of-kilter. During the consultation, I appreciated Canteris’ gentle yet penetrating questions, and I felt that I was in a safe place;  free to talk about my physical and emotional state. The remedies prescribed for myself and my children were unknown to me (after a good decade or two of using homeopathy), but were spot on and made an immediate, substantial difference to each of us. I was impressed by Canteris’ ability to choose a suitable remedy, and once again blown away by the powerful effect of a very gentle medicine. I highly recommend it! “ ~ Corli Krohn – mother of four, Bowen Island, BC

“Canteris treated both of my sons, ages 11 and 13. One suffered from chronic and reoccurring coughs, the other from insomnia and persistent leg cramps. From the first visit both their complaints were quickly and gently solved and their over-all health improved. I would recommend homeopathy to any parent who is looking for an effective and non-invasive form of treatment for their children.”  ~ Jennifer Purdon, mother of two, North Vancouver, BC

Do you or your child suffer from:

  • chronic or frequent, coughs, flu, throat, sinus and ear infections
  • PMS, hormonal imbalances or menopausal discomfort
  • sleep difficulties, seasonal or food allergies
  • anxiety or depression
  • chronic injuries or pain
  • bed wetting, hyper-activity or sensitivities, ADD, ADHD, OCD, CSD, anxieties/fears/phobias, developmental/learning/behavioral disorders, failure to thrive
  • Are relationships, work or school stressful?
  • Would you like a safe and effective form of treatment that is free of side effects?                                                            


“I had been working with a Naturopathic Doctor for over five years attempting to resolve extreme digestive issues. I was not digesting my food, had brain fog a lot of the time and was sensitive to many many things that I ate. After 5 years of food restriction, supplementation and chelation to rid my body of heavy metals I had gotten to an OK place. In the sixth year I became very frustrated again as I was suffering set backs and losing two to three days a week to being unwell and foggy headed. I decided that it was time for me to try an alternative to my current treatment.

I went to my initial homeopathic intake session expecting that Canteris would be interested in what I could and could not eat, the history of my years of digestive problems and what treatments from the Naturopath had been effective. Not so! The first appointment taught me a lot about how a Homeopath works and how truly holistic the approach is. Canteris took pages of notes, asked lots of questions and then took time after our face to face appointment to carefully choose an appropriate remedy. I experienced a distinct improvement after the first round of treatment. Over this past year Canteris has been able to work with me to maintain a more consistent state of good health, including good digestion!

I entered this Homeopathic process from a somewhat skeptical place, but now have a personal results-based belief in the benefit of this practice for long term health and well-being. This includes using Homeopathy to treat acute illness (flu, bronchitis etc) as well.

Thank you Canteris!”  ~ Peg Neilon, Roberts Creek, BC


Do you or your children suffer from a stressful family life, relationship difficulties, separation or divorce? Do you currently have a chronic disease that is not treatable by other methods and do not want to use medications?

“My 4 year old son suffered emotional trauma when my husband and I separated last fall. He became increasingly insecure, frightened, irritable and angry. He stopped going to his morning pre-school class because he became terrified of being separated from me, or from his father when he was with him. It was very difficult to get him to cooperate with simple things like getting ready for bed or washing hands before a meal and he was waking up several times each night with anxiety. I brought him to see Canteris Hartley in mid-winter for a constitutional remedy. The results, after finding the right homeopathic remedy, were amazing. His behaviours and sense of security in the world changed almost overnight. He became cooperative, joyful and gentle in his demeanor. Eventually, he even decided he was tired of staying at home with me all the time and asked to go back to school. Now he is a much happier, well-adjusted boy who will say hello to others and feels safe to go for play dates at his friends’ houses. It is really incredible to witness these changes in him and to know that he has adapted to his new family situation with the help of a constitutional homeopathic remedy. So simple and subtle, yet with profound results.”  ~Jana

I have been practicing Classical Homeopathy for over 16 years, treating adults and children at all stages of life for a variety of conditions.

Many people turn to homeopathy, because either the treatment they are using is not effective or it has harmful side effects. Or, they choose homeopathy because they want to use a natural preventative form of medicine for optimum health. Homeopathy provides a safe and effective way of treating adults and children at any stage of life.



I am also a Certified Simplicity Parenting Group Leader and regularly hold Simplicity Parenting parent groups for those wanting to learn how to simplify and reduce the stress in their family life.


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